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Bielsko-Biała - Beskid Śląski, Śląskie

Bielsko-Biała is situated at the foot of the Beskid Mały and Silesian Beskid on the Biała River. The terrain of Bielsko-Biała is quite diverse – from the uplands to the mountain areas. The highest hills are Drugi Kopiec Lipnicki (448 m), Hałcnowska Góra (404 m), Pierwszy Kopiec Lipnicki (393 m), Cieńciałowa Kępa (390 m), Malowany Dworek (390 m) and Trzy Lipki (386 m).

Within the administrative boundaries of Bielsko-Biała there are as many as 17 mountain peaks:

  • Cuberniok
  • Dębowiec
  • Górna Równia
  • Klimczok
  • Kołowrót
  • Kopany
  • Kozia Góra
  • Łysa Góra
  • Mokry Groń
  • Palenica
  • Pod Błatnią
  • Przykra
  • Równia
  • Stołów
  • Szyndzielnia
  • Trzy Kopce
  • Wysokie

One of the most famous tourist attractions is a cableway to Szyndzielnia. During the ride and from the top you can admire the beautiful panorama of Bielsko-Biała and the Beskids. In the summertime tourists can take walking tours to Mt Klimczok and surrounding mountains. In the winter you have to your disposal ski lifts. The cableway is adapted to transport disabled persons in wheelchairs, baby carriages, bicycles, skis and other luggage.


  • The medieval urban system of the Old Town with the buildings dated back to mainly to the eighteenth century
  • The Zion of Bielsko-Biała – classical urban system, created after 1781 as a Protestant district
  • The Settlement in Stare Bielsko (Old Bielsko) – the remains of the eleventh century artisan village
  • Castle of the Sułkowski princes, founded in the thirteenth century as the castle of Cieszyn Piasts, later owners of the Bielsko Land
  • The Manor House in Lipnik – former residence of the Lipnik starosts, founded in the sixteenth century
  • The Classical Manor House of the Pruszyński family from the late eighteenth century, located in Hałcnów.
  • St.Nicholas Cathedral
  • Neo-Gothic Church of the Savior – Protestant cathedral, built between 1782-1790
  • The only statue of Martin Luther in Poland , 1900
  • The Baroque church of the Divine of the second half of the eighteenth century, inside the famous St. Peter ‘s boat-shaped pulpit
  • The Classical Lutheran church of Martin Luther
  • The Gothic church of St. Stanislaus in Stare Bielsko
  • The wooden church of St. Barbara in Mikuszowice
  • The Late Gothic garrison church of St. Trinity built in the years 1604-1608.
  • The Evangelical church of John the Baptist in Stare Bielsko, built in neoclassical style between 1818-1827
  • The Baroque church of the Visitation of the years 1777-1784 in Hałcnów – Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Town Hall
  • Schneider’s Villa – an example of the nineteenth-century manufacturer villa
  • The tenement of Kałuża and building of Municipal Savings Bank (ING)
  • The Officer’s House
  • The Main Railway Station built in the style of Austrian provincial stations in 1890
  • The Classical Palladian Teatr Polski (Polish Theater) of 1890
  • The Józefin buildings on the 11 Listopada street – the main pedestrian street of the city, created as part of the central-Galician route
  • The Art Nouveau Tenement Under the Frogs of 1905
  • The Main Post Office of 1898
  • The Neo-Renaissance Hotel President of 1893
  • The Neo-Baroque Classical Hotel Under the Eagle of 1905
  • The bourgeois tenements on the 3 Maja street, built in the years 1890-1913
  • The eighteenth-century drapers’ houses on Sobieskiego and Cieszyńska streets, including wooden Weaver's House, the seat of a branch of Bielsko museum

These are just a few examples of monuments which can be seen in Bielsko-Biała, a city that exudes not only a history but also modern. We invite you to visit this beautiful city and enjoy many hiking trails in its vicinity.

  Town Hall in Bielsko-Biała
pl. Ratuszowy 1
43-300 Bielsko-Biała
Tel.: +48 33 497 18 00, +48 33 497 14 97
Fax: +48 33 497 17 86
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