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Karpacz - Karkonosze, Dolnośląskie


The Karpacz Commune is situated in the Karkonosze in the valley of the Łomnica River and its tributaries at the foot of Mt Śnieżka, at an altitude between 480 and 885 m. The axis of the agglomeration is a 7-km long street running the serpentines, which ends on the Bierutowicka Pass (height of 820 m). The Karpacz municipality consists of the settlements: Karpacz Górny, Płóczki, Wilcza Poręba, Skalne Osiedle, Brzezie Karkonoskie. Karpacz, due to its picturesque location and a rich infrastructure of accommodation, catering, recreational and sports, is a resort willingly visited by many tourists – both in the summer and winter.

The biggest tourist attractions

  • The wooden church Wang – built in the twelfth century in Norway (in the village Vang) bought in the nineteenth century by Prussian King and moved to the Karkonosze.
  • The gravity anomalies place – on the Strażacka street, from the Karkonoska street toward “Dziki Wodospad” (Wild Waterfall) before the bridge on the Łomnica River. On the road, which falls down, the cars, in spite of the switched-off engine, drive up.
  • The tank on the Łomnica River
  • Wild Waterfall (created by the łomnica damming)
  • Mt Karpatka (726 m) – the granite mountain almost in the middle of town, atop there is a view point, interesting rocks (for example Chybotek).
  • Municipal Museum of Toys
  • Poland's longest summer toboggan track (1060 m) on the Kolorowa slope (

Hiking and biking trails

In the vicinity of Karpacz there are set out numerous tourist trails. There are also nature and didactic paths : around Kocioł Wielkiego Stawu (Great Pond Kettle) and Kocioł Małego Stawu (Little Pond Kettle) (12 km), the transgenic path “The Glacial Legacy of the Karkonosze” (12 km), “The Silesian Way to Mt Śnieżka” (6.7 km) and the eastern part of the Karkonosze (11.4 km). You can practice Nordic Walking (the poles at the Information Desk) and there are tens of kilometers of biking routes.


Karpacz offers a wide tourist base. More than 8 500 accommodations of varying standards (from mountain shelters to luxury hotels). Interactive accommodation base – on the website of the city.


Convenient bus connection from Jelenia Góra, Wrocław, Katowice, Cracow and Zakopane.

Town Hall in Karpacz
ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 54
58-540 Karpacz
tel. +48 75 761 91 50, fax +48 75 761 92 24
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