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Lądek-Zdrój - Kotlina Kłodzka, Dolnośląskie

The Lądek-Zdrój Commune is situated in the southwestern part of Poland, in the Kłodzko region, geographically belonging to the Sudetes. The municipality is characterized by the mountain and lower climatic zone. It is highly appraised in terms of the climatotherapeutic values.

Tourist attractions

  • The institute of physiotherapy “Wojciech”,
  • The institute of physiotherapy “Jerzy”,
  • Museum Gallery the name Michał Klahr Starszy,
  • The parish church of Nativity of Mary,
  • The bridge of St. John,
  • The ruins of Karpień castle,
  • The Radochowska Cave,
  • The climbing rocks – the region of Mt Trojak (766 m) and Stołowe Skały (the Table Rocks, 465-784 m),
  • The Sanctuary of Mother of God “Healing of Suffers”

Tourist routes

  • The spa route No. 1 – from Lądek-Zdrój to the Karpowski Stream valley, then the old village Karpno, and to the tourist border crossing Lądek-Zdrój / Černŷ Kout
  • The spa route No. 2 – from Lądek-Zdrój along the forest lines to Skalny Ząb (the Rock Tooth) on the slopes of Królówka
  • The spa route No. 3 – from Lądek-Zdrój center, along the forest promenades to Iglica rock
  •  The walking route No. 1 – along the trail of waters of the old spa – St. George Route
  • The walking route No. 2 – among the monuments f the old town – the Old Town of Lądek-Zdrój and the slope of Góra Trzykrzyska
  • The walking route No. 3 – it connects the spa quarter of Lądek-Zdrój with the Old Town. It leads from the spring of Hedwig to the Market Square in Lądek
  • The hiking trail No. 1 – from Lądek-Zdrój through Lutynia, Wrzosówka, Góra Borówkowa, and then it returns to the town

Biking trails

  • Biking trail No. 5710
  • Biking trail No. 5711
  • Biking trail No. 5712
  • Biking trail  No. 5713
  • Biking trail No. 5714
  • Biking trail No. 5715
  • Biking trail No. 5716
  • The international biking trail ER-2 -  the section in Lądek

Radochów – a village founded in the early Middle Ages, on the old trade route from Javornik to Kłodzko, so-called the Salt Road. The first mention of the village dates back to 1362. Radochów is situated at an altitude of 390-430 m and is the ideal starting point for excursions in the Golden Mountains, the Bialskie Mountains and the Śnieżnik Massif.

Town and Municipal Office in Lądek Zdrój
Rynek 31
57-540 Lądek Zdrój
tel.: +48 74 811 78 50
fax: +48 74 814 74 18
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