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Kłodzko - Góry Bardzkie, Dolnośląskie

The Kłodzko Commune is situated in the north-eastern part of the Kłodzko Valley, in the south-western foothills of the Bardzkie Mountains at an altitude of 290-370 m.

Thanks to numerous border crossings there is really close from Kłodzko to the major European cities: Prague, Brno, Bratislava and Vienna.

The nearest border crossing points:

  • Boboszów (40 km),
  • Tłumaczów (28 km),
  • Kudowa Słone (34 km),
  • Zgorzelec (179 km).

Attractions of Kłodzko and its surroundings are widely known. Location of the city, its historical and cultural richness, the unique beauty of historic buildings, make Kłodzko is one of the most beautiful towns in Lower Silesia.

  • Church of the St. Mary’s Assumption
  • Museum of the Kłodzko Region
  • The Underground Touristic Route the name 1000-th anniversary of the Polish State
  • Kłodzko Fortress

Bierkowice – a village located in the Kłodzko Commune.

The most valuable objects of architecture and construction include:

  • Manor house in Bierkowice – it rises in the lower part of the village at the junction of the main highway and the road to Łączna. It has an impressive portico and was built in the eighteenth/nineteenth century. Now there is a primary school and in its surroundings there are preserved remains of the park.
  • Country tavern of the nineteenth century.
  • Group of Crucifixion of the nineteenth century, with the characteristics of folk art.

Gorzuchów – was already founded before the middle of the thirteenth century. It is situated at an altitude of 300-315 m over the Bożkowski Creek, at its mouth to the Ścinawka River. Interesting fact – in the area, in the Tertiary gravels, you can find the gold.

The Municipal Office in Kłodzko
57-300 Kłodzko ul. Okrzei 8a
tel. 746474100
fax 746474103


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