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Bukowsko - Beskid Niski, Podkarpackie

Bukowsko is the seat of the municipality. It is situated on the Bukowiec and the Sanoczek Creeks in the basin of the San River, 16 km southwest of Sanok, on the Bukowskie Foothills. The village has a very interesting history. The earliest mention of it dates back to 1361, when the king Casimir the Great granted the brothers Peter and Paul from Hungary the crown lands: Zboiska, Bukowsko as far as Wisłok and Radoszyce belonging to the parish of St. Peter in Bukowsko. Tragic event in the history of the village was a Tatar invasion in 1624. They burnt the village, manor house, church, and many people were taken captive.

In the commune there remained worth seeing historic, Gothic churches in Bukowsko and Dudyńce. We should also see the Baroque church with a valuable interior in Nowatyniec.

The other noticeable objects include ruins of the Orthodox church in Nagórzany and Płonna, court buildings, chapel and church in Zboiska, after-Orthodox bell tower and a new church in Wola Sękowa, roadside shrines, statues, historic tombstones in cemeteries.

The municipality is crossed by the tourist hiking trails and the educational path with notice boards called “Traces of the nations – Poles, Jews and Russians in the Bukowsko Commune”. The cultural activity is a domain of Folk House in the Bukowsko. It organizes inter alia presentations of music characteristic of this region’s culture.

Nowotaniec – a village situated on both banks of the Brzozowa Creek, on one of the trade routes leading to Hungary, already mentioned in 1366. The interesting fact is that until the war the so-called Lany Poniedziałek (Easter Monday) was celebrated in Nowotaniec on Tuesday. According to the viva voce tradition this custom has centuries-old history.

Płonna – a village founded on the slope of Mt Bukowica in 1439. Within the area there are ruins of the Greek Catholick church and preserved to this day the screen bell tower. We can also see the ruins of fortified manor house of the seventeenth century. The trail following the Good Soldier Švejk’s track runs through the village.

Nagórzany, Nadolany – in 1366 King Casimir the Great granted the village (situated on the both sides of the Brzozowa River) a location privilege. Nowadays the village includes two separate countries  - Nadole and Nagórzany. In Nagórzany there is Greek Catholic church of Sts. Peter and Paul the Apostles, built in 1848. The village once was a northern suburb of Nowotaniec. In Nadolany there are remains of the manor park, founded in the nineteenth century in the landscape type, and the old lime trees, acacias and larches.

Municipal Office in Bukowsko
38-505 Bukowsko 290
tel. +48 13 467 40 15, +48 13 467 40 24, +48 13 467 40 32
fax +48 13 467 44 66


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