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Brenna - Beskid Śląski, Śląskie


The Brenna Commune is situated in the southern Poland, in the Cieszyn district, in Silesia province. It is located in valleys of the Brennica and the Leśnica, within the Foothills and the Silesian Beskid. It lies in the area of the buffer zone of the Silesian Beskid Landscape Park.

The Brenna commune consists of three villages: Brenna, Górki Małe and Górki Wielkie. In 2009, the village celebrated its 520 anniversary.

Tourists who visit Brenna, will discover not only a beautiful landscape, but also the precious monuments of wooden architecture, magnificent folk and delicious regional cuisine.

For the actives numerous biking  paths and hiking trails are waiting. There are also tennis courts, football and beach volleyball field, horse riding centers. In the Brenna River during the summer you can bathe, go fishing or just sunbathe on the shore, and in streams Hołcyna and Leśnica the canoeing is possible.

Active Recreation Center in Brenna offers numerous activities for organized groups and individuals: jeep tours, recreation in the Rope Park, climbing (for example in a quarry Jatny), shooting competitions, riding quads etc. (more information:

The municipality is located 30 km from Cieszyn, 33 km from Bielsko-Biała, 14 km from Skoczów. It is easy to get here. Going by car along S1 Bielsko-Biała – Cieszyn, turn left ahead of Skoczów and drive 8 km. To Brenna you can also easily get by bus.

Brenna, called the Silesian Beskid mountain crystal, is the ideal place to relax from the hustle and bustle.


  • Several old mountaineer cottages (of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries)
  • The Manor House of Hunters “Kończakówka” (20s of the twentieth century)
  • In the Municipal Cultural Center (of the beginning of XX century.) the regional chamber with an exposure including  among others pastoral old equipment and clothes
  • The roadside chapels, crosses and figures
  • Biographical Museum of Zofia Kossak in Górki Wielkie (

Nature paths

  • Natural-forest path – Brenna – Bukowa (3 km one way)
  • Nature-didactic path on Mount Bucze in Górki Wielki (time: 1 hour 45 minutes, length of about 4 km)

 Nature monuments

  • 14 animated nature monuments (18 trees)
  • Monuments of inanimate nature – 4 pseudokarst caves:
    • Cave of the Three Mounds, called “the Grotto of Klimczok” (length of 1244 m), the Salmopolska Cave (length of 115 m), Cave in Stołów (length of 91 m), the Głęboka (Deep) Cave in Stołów (length of 554 m). Attention! Tourists can visit them only under the care of speleologist.
    • The quarries Jatny, Głębiec and Tokarzówka

Sports centers

Tourist trails

Brenna is surrounded by peaks:

  • Trzy Kopce (Three Mounds, 1082 m)
  • Błatnia (the correct name is Błotny, 917 m)
  • Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie (Three Mounds od Wisła, 810 m)
  • Kotarz (974 m)
  • The Karkoszczonka Pass (729 m)
  • Stary Groń (old Groń, 729 m)
  • Orłowa (813 m)
  • Zebrzydka (579 m)

Brenna and surrounding areas are the starting points of 17 tourist routes:

  1. Brenna (Health Centre) – Mt Błatnia (Błotny), green trail
  2. Brenna (Health Centre) – the valley of the Leśnica to the mountain shelter on Mt Równica, green trail
  3. Brenna center – Mt Błatnia (Błotny), green and black trails
  4. Brenna center – along the valley of the Hołcyna to Mt Kotarz, blue trail
  5. Mt Kotarz – the Karkoszczonka Pass – Szczyrk, blue and red trails
  6. Mt Kotarz – the Salmopolska Pass, blue and red trails
  7. Brenna center – the road to Bukowa – the Karkoszczonka Pass, yellow trail
  8. Brenna (monument) – Mt Stary Groń – the Salmopolska Pass, red and black trails
  9. Mt Stary Groń – Mt Orłowa - further Ustroń Jaszowiec or Dobka, yellow and green trails
  10. Skoczów – Zebrzydka, green trail
  11. Zebrzydka – Łazek, blue trail
  12. Łazek – Mt Błatnia (Błotny), red trail
  13. Brenna center – Mt Stary Groń – Trzy Kopce Wiślańskie, green trail
  14. Mt Błatnia (Błotny) – Trzy Kopce - Mt Klimczok, yellow trail
  15. Mt Błatnia (Błotny) – Mt Palenica – Wapienia, blue trail
  16. Mt Błatnia (Błotny) – Jasienica Nalęże,  red trail
  17. Mt Błatnia (Błotny) – Jaworze Jasienica, yellow trail


The municipality has a wide range of accommodations. Guests have to their disposal holiday resorts, villas, guest houses, cottages, agritourist farms, campsites and mountain shelters (on Mt Błatnia and in Górki Wielkie).

Selected events

  • The Stone Show (show of lasers and lights in a quarry Tokarzówka) – June 13
  • The Grass-ski Championship in the Beskids (skiing on grass) – June 13
  • Artistic Summer at the Kossaks – June 20 – August 29
  • St. John's Night – June 27
  • Saturdays at the Kossaks July 1 – August 31
  • Biking Brenna – 4 – 5 July
  • Provincial Review of Rural Artistic Groups – 11 – July 19
  • Shepherds’ Competitions – August 1 – 2
  • Ecumenical Harvest – August 30

Municipal Office
ul. Wyzwolenia 77
43-438 Brenna
tel. +48 33 853 62 22
fax +48 33 853 63 70


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