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Słopnice - Gorce, Małopolskie



The Słopnice Commune is located in the central part of the Limanowa district. It consists of 5 soletstvos: Słopnice Górne (in the south), Słopnice Dolne Królewskie and Słopnice Dolne Szlacheckie (central and northern part of the municipality), Podmogielica (in the west) and Granie (in the east). Słopnice is the newest commune in this district, set up in 1997 (formerly it belonged to the Tymbark commune).


  • The Mansion of the Bobrowski family
    It was built in the nineteenth century in the Classicist style, it is surrounded by the beautiful park with the 400-years trees
  • The church of St. Andrew
  • The chapels of the beginning of the nineteenth century

Tourist attractions

  • Mt Mogielnica (1170 m)
    The biggest mountain of the Beskid Wyspowy. It is called the Queen of the Beskid Wyspowy. The large mountain pasture on the western slope allow us seeing the beautiful panorama of the surrounding ranges. On the summit there is 20 m high wooden observation tower. On the clear days we can see not only the Beskid Wyspowy and Beskid Sądecki, but also the Gorce and Tatras.The caves on Mt Łopień (951 m)
  • There are 20 caves. The longest and deepest cave of the Beskid Wyspowy is Jaskinia Zbójecka (Robber’s Cave) of length of 404 m (the stand of lesser horseshoe bats). The other interesting caves are: Czarci Dół (Devil’s Hole, 140 m) and Złotopieńska Dziura (the Złotopieńska Hole, 150 m).
  • The Łopień Bogs

Selected events

  • Municipal Harvest – August 15
  • Tourist Jamboree on Mt Mogielnica – August 23
  • Youth Rally on Mt Mogielnica – October 3

Tourist routes

  • “Słopnice – Zaświercze”, the sightseeing and didactic path with 15 stops
  • Dobra – Mt Łopień – the Rydz Śmigły Pass – Mt Mogielnica, the Green route
  • Tymbark – Mt Łopień – Zaświercze – Mt Mogielnica, the yellow route
  • The Pope’s Route: the Rydz Śmigły Pass – Mt Mogielnica – the Słopnicka Pass – Cichoń – Ostra – Jeżowa Wola – Skiełek – Łukowica – Jabloniec – Limanowa

Walking and biking routes

  • Słopnice Granice Leśniczówka (Forester’s House) – Chichoń – the Zapowiednica Pass – Wyrąbiska – Zalesie Leśniczówka – along the trawl to Mt Mogielica and to the Chyszówki Pass (you can go from Cichoń to Ostra)
  • Słopnice Mogielica (timber yard) – Groń – Półrzeczki with the option to go down the southern slopes of Mogielnica to Szczawa
  • The Chyszówki Pass – Mt Łopień – Hajdowska Góra – Słopnice Dolne

Municipal Office
34-615 Słopnice 911
tel. +48 18 332 62 00 (Tourist Information), +48 18 332 62 12
fax +48 18 332 60 18

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