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Ustrzyki Dolne - Bieszczady, Podkarpackie

The Ustrzyki Dolne Commune is situated in the Sanok-Turka Mountains. Over 60% of the municipality’s area is forested.
From the north and east Ustrzyki Dolne is surrounded by the Słonne Mountains (formerly the Sanok Mountains) with numerous reserves and monuments of nature. In the municipality there are excellent conditions for hiking and biking along the marked trails. The commune’s area is also suitable for horse riding. The Solina Lake, with access from the Ustrzyki commune, creates perfect conditions for water sports and fishing. Villages included in the municipality are mostly agricultural and touristic places, aimed at small agricultural activities (cattle breeding, tillage) and agritourism.


  • St. Mary’s Shrine in Jasień
  • Eclectic Roman Catholic church of Our Lady Queen of Poland
  • The eighteenth-century wooden Orthodox church in Ustjanowa
  • Brick Orthodox church in the center of Ustrzyki Dolne (1874)
  • Former orthodox church (currently the branch church) in Strwiążek (1831)
  • Greek Catholic Cemetery (now part of municipal cemetery)
  • The eighteenth-century Orthodox church in the Boyko style in Równia
  • Synagogue built about 1800 (now the library)

Tourist routes

  • The red route starts near the main station. Leads towards the top of Mt Kamienna Laworta (here: the beginning of the ski slope, the junction of red and green trails), then the along the sources of Strwiąż and slope of Mt Mały Król (Little King). Along the way there are great views of Gromadzyń, Orlik, Ustrzyki Dolne, the Żuków and the nearest areas of the Bieszczady Foreland, further of the Dam in Solina, part of the Lagoon and distant areas of the Bieszczady, and even the Low Beskid – time: 4-4.5 hours without resting.
  • The green route is a connecting trail that allows quickly get from Laworta to the top of Mt Little King through Strwiążyk, it is also the abbreviation of the red trail. On clear days you can see the range of Połoniny (Meadows), Sockets of Mt Halicz, Mt Tarnica and Mt Krzemień – time: 1 hour without resting.
  • The yellow route starts near the main station. It runs to Gromadzyń towards the wall of the forest, passing shooting range and biathlon trails. In a turn to Równia disconnects from the blue trail and leads on Wierch, turning left before it. Then runs along the luge track down to the road from Ustrzyki Dolne to Ustrzyki Górne – time: 2 hours without resting.
  • The blue route starts from the main station and leads in the vicinity of the railway crossing in Brzegi Dolne. It runs next to the larch forest through the steep slope of Mt Kiń towards the top of Mt Orlik and down toward Jasień; it connects with the yellow trail – time: about 1.5 hours without resting.

Jamna Dolna – village founded in the fifteenth century. Jamna and nearby Trójca (they are mixed up) had a common owner – Rybotycki. Until the nineteenth century it belonged to a property key with an abode located in Rybotycze.

Ustjanowa Górna – a village in Poland, in the Ustrzyki Dolne Commune. In the village we can see a wooden Greek Catholic chuch of St. Paraksewa, built in 1792. Inside tere is a Rococo altar of the late eighteenth century, coming from a church in Hoczew.

Currently the temple is the Roman Catholic church of Birth of Holy Virgin Mary. Masses are held on Sundays at 7:30 and 11:30, on weekdays (during the months April-September) at 18.00 or 16.30 (XII-I) and 17.00 (II-III and X-XI).

Town Hall
ul. Kopernika 1
38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne
tel.: +48 13 461 15 05, 460 80 00, 460 80 01
fax. +48 13 461 11 23
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