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Ochotnica Dolna - Gorce, Małopolskie

The Ochotnica Dolna Commune is situated in the Małopolska province, in Nowy Targ district, in the Gorce and on the slopes of the Beskid Sądecki descending toward the Dunajec River.

The more important peaks are Mt Lubań (1211 m), Mt Gorc (1230 m), Mt Turbacz (1310 m).

In the commune there is a part of the Gorce National Park and part of the Poprad Landscape Park with nature reserves “Kłodne on the Dunajec River” and “The Great Empty”.

Interesting places

  • The Tylmanowa Calvary – the Way of the Cross on the Basta Hill. Calvary is visible from afar, and at night its location is accented by the illuminated cross. Tourists visit it very frequently, because the place attracts by viewing and recreational values, and at the same time inspires reflexively.
  • In the Radziejowa range there is a small summit Mt Suchy Groń called Błyszcz (945 m) - on August 16, 1972, Fr. Cardinal Karol Wojtyła celebrated a Mass here. There attended the Mass 700 people from 25 oases. In token of remembrance the chapel was bulit. Each year here are celebrated the Masses.

Tourist routes

  • Krościenko – Mt Marszałek – Mt Lubań – the Knurowska Pass – Mt Kiczora and further to Mt Turbacz
    The red route is part of the Main Route of the Beskids (about 520 km), which runs along the main ridge of the Polish Beskids from Ustroń (the Silesian Beskid) to Wołosate (the Bieszczady). Length approximately of 32 km. Time:  9:40 hours (Back: 8:45 hours). The section along the border of the Ochotnica Dolna municipality from Mt Marszałek to Mt Kiczora is 25 km long.
  • Mt Kiczora – Mt Gorc – Ochotnica Dolna -  Mt Lubań
    The green route running through the village, linking the main peaks of the Gorce range and the Lubań. It has significant delevellings. The length of 23 km, the transition time of approximately 6:40 hours (back: 6:55 hours).
  • Mt Lubań – Ochotnica Dolna – Młynne and on further to Kamienica
    The blue route – length (to Kamienica) of 14 km. Time: 4:40 hours (back: 5:15 hours).
  • Ochotnica Górna – Jamne – Mt Przehyba – Mt Przysłop
    The yellow route called the Chatkowy Trail (the Cottages Trail) because it leads to the student cottage “Hawiarska Koliba”. Length of about 6 km, the transition time of approximately 2:50 hours (going down: 1.45 hours).
  • Ochotnica Dolna – Rzeka – Makowica – Pasterski Wierch (Pastoral Peak) – Mt Lubań
    The green route, quite onerous, leads along the ridge separating the valley of Ochotnica from the Dunajec Gorge in Tylmanowa. Length of about 5.5 km, the transition time 2:40 hours (going down: 1.45 hours).
  • The Gorce Route of Pope John Paul II Route

The route is set out along the paths, which hiked Karol Wojtyła – first as a priest, then bishop and cardinal, and which he visited as Pope John Paul II. It starts in Ludźmierz in Podhale and runs along the traditional tourist routes through Nowy Targ, Kowaniec, Bukowina Miejska on the Hala Rusnakowa – to the Chapel of Our Lady Queen of the Gorce and on the Hala Turbacz – to the Shanty Altar. From Mt Turbacz it leads along the yellow trail to the blue one through Kamienica valley next  to “Papieżówka” (Papal Glade), comes to the Przysłop Pass, where it connects with the Papal Zagórze-Limanowa Trail. From the red trail along the blue one it connects Krościenko  through Mt Lubań, Ochotnica Dolna (the church), Mt Gorc with the Przysłop Pass. From the red route on the Knurowska Pass through Ochotnica Dolna it leads to the housing estate Skałka, and then along the green route to Mt Turbacz.

Tylmanowa is located in the Dunajec River valley on the border of the Gorce and the Beskid Sądecki. It is famous of its unique landscape. There is the wonderful Dunajec Gorge in the form of two narrowings of the valley below Kłodno and Wietrznica.


Municipal Office in Ochotnica Dolna
os. Dłubacze 160
34-452 Ochotnica Dolna
tel.: +48 18 262 09 10
fax: +48 18 262 09 36

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